Green Sand Inc Wins Portland Courtyard Housing Design Award / by Brian Kossen

On November 14th, 2007, the city of Portland selected the winners of The Portland Courtyard Housing Design Competition. Everyone can be proud that Honolulu's very own Green Sand Inc. was a winner.

Green Sand Inc. is very pleased to announce that the Portland Courtyard Housing Design Competition selected our entry as one of the winning designs. Portland asked for courtyards that will help keep families with children inside the city’s neighborhoods. Green Sand Inc. was challenged with designing a space that is family friendly, aesthetically integrated into the neighborhood, and provides environmental sustainable features. With our 100% LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) staff, we felt confident that we could answer Portland’s needs.

We designed a seven-unit dream home that contains strong family features, safe and private play areas, that utilizes low-cost energy efficient designs such as day lighting and unique renewable onsite energy sources. This design will be published and displayed throughout the city of Portland, with possible funding provided to adapt our design to building sites.


Eastern Site Merit Award
Matthew Goyke, Steven Gangwes, Morris Onishi, Ethan Levine, and Rhonda Goyke—Honolulu, HI

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