Green Sand Inc. launches EcoLiving Hale website / by Brian Kossen

The launch of the new and improved website is a milestone for the project. We wanted to launch a website that was worthy of EcoLiving Hale to visual display the connection of the built environment with the natural environment. Kudos to our web designer Brian Kossen, AI Design Studio, who listened, understood, and implemented this great website. Feedback is always welcome so please email ideas for improvement as well as topics that you would like to see discussed about EcoLiving Hale.

As you have seen from the general website, EcoLiving Hale is a real house (hale means house in Hawaiian). The intent is to showcase radical deep green strategies in a real house that most people would want to live in. Many of the deep green projects have a unique appeal to a small percentage of the population but with EcoLiving Hale we are attempting to break down those barriers about what radical deep green projects are and demonstrate that they can in fact take on the aesthetics of any design style appropriate for the site and the client.

EcoLiving Hale is located on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. The site is situated close to city center within a 10-minute commute to downtown. It was an important goal of the project to show what radical green strategies were possible in an infill site in a residential neighborhood. The project has many challenges that we will attempt to discuss here in the blogisphere. We will also attempt to post regular video updates to help keep everything in context. The site is very challenging, which significantly influenced the design. We will discuss that on another day.

For today I wanted to get things rolling with a simple welcome and a bit of background information on the project. The project is still in the permitting phase but we hope to start deconstruction of the existing house (hale) in July 2012, just a few short months away. Keep tuned for updated as the project progresses.

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