Green Sand wins again at the BIA-Hawaii 27th Annual BIA Renaissance / by Brian Kossen

The Leather Soul project submitted is an expansion of the existing store at Royal Hawaiian Center. The expansion was into the vacant adjacent space. The project included selective demolitions; interior renovation, exterior storefront and fixture design all to flawlessly match the existing store. The Owner’s goal for the Leather Soul Expansion was to add a more private “room” with the feel of a gentlemen’s club with bar service as well as to add additional storage and retail space.

Typical retail designs maximize exposure; maximize product display space and attempts to move clients through the space quickly. This design restricts and controls exposure, does not overwhelm the space with product and invites clients to relax and linger. Execution on this project was exceptional. Matching the new Ohia slats to the existing Ohia slats was executed flawlessly. The same can be said for the new plaster and the existing plaster. Attention to detail makes a project. The contractor paid special attention to the miter joints of the Ohia slats in addition to the detail of the portal door – the recessed space for the door handle with silencers mated in color to the wood stain and the magnetic catches to hold the door open or closed.

Designer/Architect: Green Sand Inc
Furniture Designer: Green Sand Inc.
Contractor: J. Kadowaki Inc.
Photographer: Hal Lum