Earth Day 2013 / by Brian Kossen

Earth Day to me is a lot like New Years Day is to a lot of people. A chance to celebrate, reflect, take stock and set goals for the upcoming year. For Earth Day it is much the same: a chance to enjoy nature to its fullest and celebrate spring,  reflect on all the positive decisions and choices we have made to run a business focused on sustainability and lifestyle and then set goals for the next year. Here are a few of my personal favorites to live and work more sustainably:

  • Eat more vegetarian meals. Honolulu now has some really great all vegan restaurants, try one out if you haven’t already. The food is really good and is no sacrifice. I suggest trying at least one new vegetarian meal each week.
  • Make a commitment to use less toxins in the environment. This includes everything from dry cleaning to air fresheners to building materials.
  • Buy more local organic produce.
  • Actually bring the reusable shopping bags into the store and stop leaving them at home or in the car. How often does this happen…
  • Have you notices all the single use shopping bags at the malls? People are getting pretty good at bringing their own bags for groceries by why notfor mall shopping as well. Do we really need all that tissue and logo bags that just gets thrown away? Bring your own bag instead.
  • Use more natural cleaners, you will also save money.
  • Use your own water bottle and stop buying bottled water.
  • Reduce packaging by buying more bulk food.
  • Most importantly get outside and enjoy nature. Go to the beach, go for a hike. Remember what it is like to be in nature, your body and soul with thank you.

I know a lot of these are the classics but most of us still have room for improvement. Some of the choices we make are simply habits and we need to concentrate on making new earth friendly choices.