Five-0 Bar Wins BIA Renaissance Award / by Brian Kossen

We are proud to announce that the Five-0 Bar won the 2013 BIA Renaissance Award for the Commerical Projects Category.

The following is part of the project statement that captured the judges along with the outstanding design and creative use of materials:

The Five-0 Bar is an interior tenant improvement project located at the second floor of Building B of the Royal Hawaiian Center. The project site anchors the Diamond Head side of the Pa’ina Lanai food court. The goal of the project was to create a relaxed comfortable lounge and bar that would attract tourist and locals alike. Historically the food court area had been underutilized, the goal of the Center was to increase the use of the food court area during evening hours and to increase the length of stay by providing a comfortable lounge and bar area. The program included a full service bar, lounge seating, dance floor, stage for live performances, TVs to broadcast sports and other events, and storage.  

One of the challenges of the project was the need for the bar to have its own identity while retaining its connection to the overall Pa’ina Lanai  food court. The bar needed to allow physical and visual access to the lanai seating which overlooks the Grove.  

The aesthetics of the project is based on a simple palette of material to represent three natural elements that are strongly Hawaiian:

· The Aina or land: that which feeds, Hawaii’s natural environment.

· Flowing lava whose image brings to mind bright color or fun as well as heat or passion and movement.

·  The Ocean, which inspires tranquility, awe and reflection. Through the materials selected and carefully used, the Five-0 Bar embodies the spirit of these natural materials.  The material palette was selected very carefully with the inspiration of land, lava, and the ocean always in mind. Some of the materials selected took a more literal and direct approach while others were more suggestive and representative.

· The land is represented by ohia branches with bark removed and a clear matte finish. The ohia is complimented by the koa bar top and the western red cedar used at the bar and the lounge seating areas.

· The lava is represented by red translucent panels called “Red Crush” by 3form. The red tone of the translucent panels is echoed in the wall color, the pendant lights at the bar and the fabric on the furniture.

· The ocean is represented by the wave super graphic across the back bar and the wave pendant lights at each lounge cluster.

One significant challenge presented by the Center’s requirements for the space was to create a space, which was clearly distinct from the larger food court while still connected to the food court space. How do you create a space that is at the same time separate and integrated with the larger food court? This was achieved by the use of Ohio posts set vertically from floor to ceiling and the red translucent panels which created smaller lounge seating alcoves and delineate the overall bar area. The ohia posts and translucent panels allow the perfect amount of transparency which provides some privacy for the bar customers while at the same time allowing views from the food court into the bar. To reinforce this idea of space within a space the ceiling material/color and flooring material of the food court was left unchanged in the bar area.  Natural or ecologically sensitive materials were used to the fullest extent possible.

· The ohia branches were sourced locally.

· Koa was locally sourced.

· Western red cedar.

·  3form products contain a high level of recycled content, are GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certified, never contain PVC and can be recycled and/or reclaimed at the end of use.

· Low VOC paints and coatings were used.

· Glass pendant lights.

· LED task lights.

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