Project Review by Al Lynch, Inc. / by Brian Kossen

Hale Koloa

The term “Mid-Century Modern” aside, the look of these forward-thinking architectural designs can appear dated, especially if enough time has passed. The task of renovating such structures has its challenges: the innocent details of technology, hardware and even the width of the family tub can give it away, but modernizing these are not too difficult to handle. The sophisticated design details, such as sightlines, movement, and accessibility take more thought and even more time “lost in thought” for the designer.

The team at Green Sand focused on a simple task. Renovate this structure and maintain familiarity, yet infuse it with fresh modern styling. The fenestrations were customized to create a unique feel to each room, but chosen carefully to maintain design consistency that wires through the entire home, but doesn’t overwhelm it.

All the doors were produced from the same Fleetwood Windows & Doors product series using clear glazing or translucent panels. The sills for the doors vary to suit the use or performance. All products were finished in Class I Clear Anodize. Upper tracks for non-pocketed doors were covered with custom-built valances to provide design continuity and structural support and stability.

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