ektopia a Contemporary Art Studio Opens by Brian Kossen

Green Sand is proud to announce the opening of their newest architectural project "ektopia" a modern art studio. ektopia is a major renovation of an existing older building. Located at 3167 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816.

ek-topos = "out of place"

EKTOPIA is a new alternative art space in lower Kaimuki that produces, presents, and promotes creative work from many disciplines. Artists are encouraged to create special projects for ektopia and have the opportunity to show experimental work, to develop a deeper understanding of their media, and to present work of interest to the community. ektopia promotes both artists in their formative years and artists with a developed body of work.

Fresco Italian Restaurant Is Open: The lastest restaurant project by Green Sand by Brian Kossen

Green Sand excels at creating unique aesthetics and ambiance for each of our restaurant projects and clients. Fresco is the latest of our restaurant projects.

Fresco Italian Restaurant opened in early June in the Rainbow Bazaar at Hilton Hawaiian Village. Owned and operated by the Blue Lagoon Investment, Inc. Fresco features exquisite Italian fusion cuisine in a contemporary setting. The restaurant overlooks the resorts's lagoon and the lush foliage of the Great Lawn.

The menu concept was inspired by several regions in Italy and was created by the award-winning Executive Chef Kentaro Torii.  Chef Kentaro infused the flavors of the North, Central and South regions in Italy with the best of Hawaii into his menus, in collaboration with Restaurant Chef Rodhel Ibay.  

“Our chefs are firm believers in using the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients,” said Brian Hee, chief operating officer for Blue Lagoon Investment, Inc.  “Nearly every item on the menu features the best that Hawaii has to offer."

Project photos coming soon

LEED Consulting Services by Brian Kossen

Green Sand's Sustainability Consulting services continue to be sought after by developers as well as other architecture firms. Green Sand is providing LEED consulting services for two confidential project. Please check back for further information as project go public. Green Sand is pleased to provide LEED feasibility, analysis, management and coordination services to other teams. Clients include: developers, contractors and other architecture firms. We have been told it is much easier to hire us and rely on our expertise that for firm that are new to LEED to navigate the system on their own.

Green Sand Inc. launches EcoLiving Hale website by Brian Kossen

The launch of the new and improved website is a milestone for the project. We wanted to launch a website that was worthy of EcoLiving Hale to visual display the connection of the built environment with the natural environment. Kudos to our web designer Brian Kossen, AI Design Studio, who listened, understood, and implemented this great website. Feedback is always welcome so please email ideas for improvement as well as topics that you would like to see discussed about EcoLiving Hale.

As you have seen from the general website, EcoLiving Hale is a real house (hale means house in Hawaiian). The intent is to showcase radical deep green strategies in a real house that most people would want to live in. Many of the deep green projects have a unique appeal to a small percentage of the population but with EcoLiving Hale we are attempting to break down those barriers about what radical deep green projects are and demonstrate that they can in fact take on the aesthetics of any design style appropriate for the site and the client.

EcoLiving Hale is located on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. The site is situated close to city center within a 10-minute commute to downtown. It was an important goal of the project to show what radical green strategies were possible in an infill site in a residential neighborhood. The project has many challenges that we will attempt to discuss here in the blogisphere. We will also attempt to post regular video updates to help keep everything in context. The site is very challenging, which significantly influenced the design. We will discuss that on another day.

For today I wanted to get things rolling with a simple welcome and a bit of background information on the project. The project is still in the permitting phase but we hope to start deconstruction of the existing house (hale) in July 2012, just a few short months away. Keep tuned for updated as the project progresses.

for full details visit www.ecolivinghale.com

Windward High Performance Building Green Expo by Brian Kossen

Green Sand was one of the workshop presenters for the First Annual Windward High Performance Building Green Expo. Held at the Ko'olau Ballrooms in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Over 100 people registered for the event which is excellent for the first annual event. Rhonda Goyke provided a general overview of the LEED Green Rating System. EcoLiving Hale was used as an example of a LEED Platinum project.

Green Sand wins again at the BIA-Hawaii 27th Annual BIA Renaissance by Brian Kossen

The Leather Soul project submitted is an expansion of the existing store at Royal Hawaiian Center. The expansion was into the vacant adjacent space. The project included selective demolitions; interior renovation, exterior storefront and fixture design all to flawlessly match the existing store. The Owner’s goal for the Leather Soul Expansion was to add a more private “room” with the feel of a gentlemen’s club with bar service as well as to add additional storage and retail space.

Typical retail designs maximize exposure; maximize product display space and attempts to move clients through the space quickly. This design restricts and controls exposure, does not overwhelm the space with product and invites clients to relax and linger. Execution on this project was exceptional. Matching the new Ohia slats to the existing Ohia slats was executed flawlessly. The same can be said for the new plaster and the existing plaster. Attention to detail makes a project. The contractor paid special attention to the miter joints of the Ohia slats in addition to the detail of the portal door – the recessed space for the door handle with silencers mated in color to the wood stain and the magnetic catches to hold the door open or closed.

Designer/Architect: Green Sand Inc
Furniture Designer: Green Sand Inc.
Contractor: J. Kadowaki Inc.
Photographer: Hal Lum