Sustainability Consulting

D.R. Horton HomeSave

Green Sand's Sustainability Consulting services worked with D.R. Horton to develope a custom program called HomeSave. HomeSave is focused on five major environmentally responsible goals!

REDUCE operating costs. Example: A solar wter heater can help save on utility expenses.

CREATE homes that are adaptable homes for future techology. Example: An electric car ready outlet in teh garage.

BUILD durable homes that may help minimize maintenance costs. Example: Using cement siding which lasts longer and should require less re-painting over hte years can save money on furture maintenace and repairs.

HELP improve indoor air qulity. Example: Using no volatile organic compound (VOC) paint.

PURCHASE and sourace materials with a global perspective. Example: Using suppliers and materials that implement sustainable practices such as products that can be recycled so less goes into our landfill. the following Graphics by ER Marketing: